Postnatal Wellness Doula

With this Birthing Flower plan  you will benefit from five half-day postnatal visits scheduled over 40 days. Our Postnatal Wellness Doula will provide personalized postnatal care  within your home.

We recommend that you inquire about our doula services during your second or third trimester. This will ensure our services are available at the time you need them.

 Postnatal Wellness Doula Plan

  • Learn Birthing Flower postnatal techniques
  • Gain insight about Nourishing Meals for healthy postnatal care
  • Learn about Infant Care including tummy time, sleeping tips, water safety during bath time, feeding and lactation support.
  • Learn the full 5 weeks Infant Massage Course for moms, with a bonus session during week 6 for parents or close family, (IAIM certified) .             

Mom’s Wellness means that our Postnatal Wellness Doula will lead you through Birthing Flower postnatal techniques for gentle postnatal exercises, breathing and meditation to stabilize and relax the mind and body for a healthy recovery. Our Postnatal Wellness Doula will also take time to discuss your vision of what your postnatal needs are and provide time for mom to rest and recover from childbirth.

Nourishing Meals for Mom will help you to become familiar with simple ways to prepare meals and balanced food combinations that will support lactation, and help to decrease infant colic and IBS for moms. With the help of our Postnatal Wellness Doula you will gain insight about evidence-based nutritional research for a healthy postnatal recovery. You will become more familiar with Ayurvedic nutrition and learn to create simple and delicious recipes. Our Postnatal Wellness Doula also assist with light home care such as assistance with newborn laundry, folding, and light kitchen clean-up.

Infant Care will guide you in techniques for relating to and caring for your newborn where you will learn simple and gentle milestones for infant development starting with the basics of tummy time. Other techniques will include infant sleeping tips, water safety during bath time, feeding and lactation support. Our Postnatal Wellness Doula offers around the clock email support right from our initial interview through the first year.  

Infant Massage as an extension of infant care education for parents, our Postnatal Wellness Doula will provide resources to help you understand infant behaviors, use gentle touch, and practice the art of colic relief. This includes a one hour weekly IAIM certified infant massage course for moms. Plus a bonus IAIM session for parents or close family during week six.

Our Birthing Flower Wellness Doula Plans include a Complimentary Consultation. Your in person initial no-obligation consultation provides you with the freedom and space to meet with our Wellness Doula personally to discuss any questions or concerns you may have and become familiar with each other and our Birthing Flower services.

Upon contracting any Birthing Flower Wellness Doula services, you will have continued access to a network of postnatal supports through our referral expertise.

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