What is Doula Care?

What is Doula Care? non-medical healthcare services and support for parents during the third trimester of pregnancy, childbirth, and early postnatal care. Helping parents to see healthy options and safe alternatives in childbirth.

What is the responsibility of a Doula? To provide non-medical or clinical procedures, blood pressure or temperature, fetal heart tone checks, vaginal exams or postpartum clinical care.  A doula honors the clients confidentiality and referring the family to appropriate resources as needed, evidenced based studies, published books to support informed choices for the mother-to-be.

What is the role of our Birthing Flower Childbirth Doula ?  They are non-medical professionals, providing personalized individual care for comfort and wellbeing during childbirth. Specializing in emotional, physical, and educational support for the mother’s transition to birth her baby.  Our doula is with you, when your midwife, obstetrician, midwife, or nurse is not a longer on shift or is attending to another client.

What is the role of our Birthing Flower Postnatal Wellness Doula? They are non-medical professionals, providing non-medical clinical procedures, and personalized individual postnatal care. specializing in the mother’s recovery and newborn care.

What is a Midwife? They are medical professional, providing personalized individual care for the mother during pregnancy, who conducts deliveries within your home, within the birth centre, and within the hospital.  Midwife mainly view childbirth as a normal life process, and uses minimize intervention, with a holistic approach towards childbirth, and early postnatal medical care for the mother and baby.

What is a Obstetrician? They are medical professional that specializes in high-risk pregnancies, high risk births, and gynaecological surgery. They conducts deliveries within hospital, and some offer a holistic approach towards childbirth.

Why do parents choose doulas? Most parents forget what they learned in their childbirth education class, your doula is a childbirth educator who supports the partner’s participation, and recognition throughout your birthing journey. Doulas helps to minimal the use of medical technology and intervention, and help parents to create your birth plan

What is a birth plan? A document prepared by the expectant mother-to-be or couple that outlines choices they have made about their care during childbirth and which they would like to see respected.

Hiring a Birth Doula can help

  • Shorter labour
  • Lower rates of intervention use during labour and birth
  • Lower rates of epidural use
  • Lower c-section birth rates
  • Lowers the option for pitocin- the synthetic version of oxytocin
  • Higher levels of reported satisfaction
  • Decreased possibility of postpartum depression
  • Lower rates of fetal distress
  • Increased the option for skin to skin with parents within the first two hours after birth
  • Lowers the rate of the use of forceps  
  • Lower rates of low APGAR score at 5 minutes after childbirth
  • Higher rate of breastfeeding initiative
  • Lower admittance rates into the NICU       

When To Call Our Birthing Flower Childbirth Wellness Doula ? Our Birthing Flower Childbirth Wellness Doula are available to come to your home during early childbirth, to support you emotionally, and physically, and informatively for the mother’s transition to birth her infant. Please, contact your midwife, or your obstetrician, to notify them about your early childbirth signs, as they need to prepare for the arrival of your newborn.

Birth is Beautiful

Hire a Wellness Doula to ensure that your birth experience is nurtured, leaving behind positive memories, form a day you will always remember.