Doula Care

Our Birthing Flower Wellness Doulas are non-medical healthcare professionals who will work together with you, your family, and your chosen healthcare provider in Alberta to help create a completely supported pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood experience.

Preparing for childbirth and becoming a parent can sometimes feel overwhelming. Our Wellness Doulas have specialized training and will work to provide you with unbiased information and evidence-based research  regarding personalized care options throughout this transformative time. By providing methods of emotional and physical comfort, in addition to educational resources that your chosen healthcare provider may not offer, our Childbirth and Postnatal Wellness Doulas are here to empower you to support the decisions that feels right for you.

While your healthcare provider may not be able to be with you throughout your childbirth experience. Our Childbirth Wellness Doula is committed to being there with you continually, so that you can feel fully supported and focus on the incredible arrival of your infant and feel confident in your choices each step of the way.   

Our Postnatal Wellness Doula is there to help you during this important time of recovery, adjustment, as you become more familiar with safe newborn care. Including complete personalized care with mom’s wellness, nourishing meals for mom, infant care, and infant massage courses for parents.

Birthing Flower offers Two Wellness Doula Plans to support your childbirth experience and transition into early parenthood

Childbirth Wellness Doula Plan 

Postnatal Wellness Doula Plan      


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