Childbirth Wellness Doula

With this Birthing Flower plan you will have the support of our Childbirth Wellness Doula from the beginning of your 3rd trimester of pregnancy, through childbirth, and the first six weeks with the arrival of your newborn!

We recommend that you inquire about our doula services during your first or second trimester. This will ensure our services are available at the time you need them.

Childbirth Wellness Doula Plan Includes: 

  • Our clients relationships are confidential
  • Two prenatal visits
  • Visualize your ideal childbirth 
  • Personalize your Birth Plan and your Birth Wish List
  • Learn Birthing Flower Prenatal techniques
  • Learn techniques for natural pain relief
  • Understand the foundations of childbirth
  • Gain insight about nourishing meals for a healthy pregnancy
  • Around-the-clock phone, text and email support from your first prenatal meeting to six weeks after childbirth
  • Continual in-person care during early childbirth until two hours after your newborn arrives
  • Two postnatal visits
  • Extensive postnatal referral services for one year

Our Childbirth Wellness Doula Plan includes two prenatal visits. These visits will take place at a scheduled time between 28 – 38 weeks during your pregnancy and will be two hours in length each.  Extra support is available during 38 – 42 weeks as part of our complete care so that if your pregnancy goes beyond your due date, an additional prenatal visit will be included in your care.

During your prenatal visits  our Childbirth Wellness Doula will help you visualize your ideal childbirth by providing information and resources about what options are available to you. Together we will assist you and your birthing partner in creating a personalized Birth Plan and Birth Wish List. Birthing Flower doulas are professionally trained and able to provide information regarding safe alternatives and additional supports for twins and high-risk pregnancies.

Wholistic Pain Relief Techniques will inform you of your options for natural pain relief during childbirth and instructional practice in these methods. Our Doula will also provide you with educational resources for safe alternatives in childbirth, hands-on comfort measures. You will learn our Birthing Flower Prenatal Techniques for a body-mind approach to childbirth positioning, breathing, meditation and relaxation. Our Childbirth Wellness Doula will provide guidance and support so that you can have an active role and feel confident during childbirth .

Foundations of Childbirth will get you ‘ready’ for childbirth, to help you feel confident during the various stages of childbirth and delivery. During your prenatal visits our Childbirth Wellness Doula will assist you in learning the foundation of childbirth. You will be able  to recognize the stages of childbirth, and  know when to call your midwife or obstetrician.

Nourishing Meals will help you to maintain good nutrition and a healthy diet during pregnancy as you prepare for the arrival of your newborn. As you gain insight about evidence-based nutritional research for a healthy pregnancy and learn simple meal prep tips that professional use for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, plus what foods are supportive for childbirth, and postnatal recovery. You will become more familiar with Ayurvedic nutrition and learn to create simple and delicious recipes.

During your birth of your newborn, our Childbirth Wellness Doula will be with you at the birth centre, hospital, or at your home to provide comfort and support and help you apply what you learned in your prenatal visits. To facilitate your birth journey, Our Childbirth Wellness doula will help you communicate your needs and decisions to your Midwife, Obstetrician and nurses, providing a caring support team for you and your family. Our Childbirth Wellness Doula is there for you with 24 hour childbirth support until 2 hours after the arrival of your newborn, and can arrange for a backup doula if necessary.

Our Childbirth Wellness Doula Plan, also includes two postnatal visits two hours in length each, available to you in either the hospital or your own home. Your first postnatal visit will be arranged between 1st day – 3rd day after the arrival of your newborn and your second visit will be arranged between 4th day – 7th day after the arrival of your newborn.

During your Two Postnatal Visits Our Childbirth Wellness Doula will help you become more comfortable with your new family. This may include physical comfort, emotional support, and information about newborn care for both feeding and lactation support. Our Childbirth Wellness Doula offers you round the clock phone, text, and email support as needed and extensive referral services for you for six weeks after birth.

Our Birthing Flower Wellness Doula Plans include a Complimentary Consultation. Your in person initial no-obligation consultation provides you with the freedom and space to meet with our Wellness Doula personally to discuss any questions or concerns you may have and become familiar with each other and our Birthing Flower services.

Upon contracting any Birthing Flower Wellness Doula services, you will have continued access to a network of postnatal supports through our referral expertise.

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