Our Doula Family

With every breath your experience brings you closer to the next step within your journey of life. Life is not about perfection, neither is childbirth or parenting. Acceptance, commitment, and love are all you need.

Jessica Malacarne began her work as a Labour Doula in 2009. During her years of Classical Hatha Yoga training and teaching, Jessica discovered her passion for incorporating various wellness practices for preconception, prenatal, childbirth, and postnatal care. 

Jessica continues to assist women and their families from various multicultural backgrounds. Her deep dedication to assisting in healthy and holistic approaches to childbirth enabled her to support mothers with high-risk pregnancies, high-risk births, cesarean births, and vaginal births both at home and within a birth centre.  Jessica is part of the Birthing Flower Doula Care services which are included in the Childbirth Wellness Doula Plan.

Jessica’s commitment to her work has afforded her many opportunities to gain first hand professional experience as a Postnatal Doula. Jessica is also trained and certified with IAIM and will be teaching the “International Association of Infant Massage” (IAIM) course for parents as part of the  Birthing Flower Postnatal Wellness Doula Plan.

Jessica’s experience and training with safe non-medical alternatives helps empower the mother-to-be with knowledge and wisdom to make healthy choices for her newborn and the family as a whole. Jessica is now offering her services in Edmonton, Alberta through Birthing Flower Doula Care.

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  • Standard First Aid-CPR “C” “infant CPR”-LifeSaving Society, current
  • CIMI Certified Infant Massage Instructor-IAIM
  • CBFWD Certified Birthing From within
  • CLD Certified Labour Doula-CAPPA
  • RYT Certified Yoga Therapist